Beta Release 7.6 (beta 8) (locked)

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Dan- That was a Safe Mode crash. The display should have told you so. When that happens, the phone acts as if it is “normal.” The phone should have shown you on a top display that it was in Safe Mode and asked if you wanted to exit it. Go to SBSettings>Power and you will see a button to put you there intentionally. It’s a way for the phone to handle an issue with something you did with the phone (installing something it doesn’t like) or an indication that a couple of mobile substrate items are not playing nice with each other. If you get locked out of the phone because of something you install, going to Safe Mode is a way to get back in and fix things.

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Been experiencing a lot of crashes lately. Usually when pressing send and another text coming in simultaneously.

Avatar inseltraum 13 post(s)

When clicking on a picture in a message convo, it shows the bottom ad bar (Like biteSMS? Then click to support us!) even though I’ve purchased a full licence.

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Every time I send or receive a message (iMessage or SMS), there phone ‘skips’. If there’s audio playing, the audio will skip. I’m using an iPhone 5.

Avatar DanO 34 post(s)

Any word on Beta 9?

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Lately have had texts come in on my i4 on the lock screen, and when I attempt to reply, all buttons are unresponsive. I had to slide to unlock and go to the main app screen. This has happened perhaps three times, so a minority, but still…. I’ve uninstalled the beta and gone back to the last release.

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I have reinstalled 7.5 and the contact look up issues with quick compose being very slow are gone. Please fix this prior to releasing 7.6 or in Beta 9 and I’ll be happy to continue to test.

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What’s strange about this bug is I believe it just showed up two days ago – I installed Beta 8 the day it came out but not until this past week has this bug showed it’s head.

BiteSMS is turning off my notifications for messaging. I go to notifications and turn on the popup notification and as soon as I close the settings app, it reverts to ‘none.’ If I disable BiteSMS mobilesubrate addons, the setting sticks.

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Is this normal?

Ver 7.6 Beta 8

Log message:

ASLMessageID = 9128
Level = Warning
Time = Jul 30, 2013, 23:30:19
TimeNanoSec = 179218000
Sender = biteSMS
Facility = com.bitesms
PID = 454
Message = overwrite_dynamic_dict Couldn’t overwrite existing dynamic dictionary /var/mobile/Library/Keyboard/dynamic-text.dat: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=513 “The operation couldn’t be completed. (Cocoa error 513.)” UserInfo=0×21161f10 {NSFileNewItemLocationKey=file://localhost/var/tmp/dynamic-text.dat.WVmfQ0, NSFileOriginalItemLocationKey=file://localhost/var/mobile/Library/Keyboard/dynamic-text.dat, NSUnderlyingError=0×2114af60 “The operation couldn’t be completed. Permission denied”, NSURL=file://localhost/var/mobile/Library/Keyboard/dynamic-text.dat}
ReadUID = 501

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I started seeing an exclamation mark and resetting it in ‘About’ doesn’t help. I haven’t yet reset all the settings as I want to avoid it, but will do it if I have to, just rather not.

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Any news for us about the next beta 9 or 7.6 will be public released on BigBoss?
Thanks Devs

Avatar thanhnh091™ 900 post(s)

Thanks & BRs,

Preview: iRealSMS beta with iOS 7 inspired QuickReply

Avatar ben_b 8 post(s)

Any chance qr/QC could properly send across the user typing status notification to the other party?

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No news for Beta 9 ?

Avatar Martin Administrator 7,696 post(s)

We have stopped work on iOS 6 in order to be ready for iOS 7, typically it takes us about 6-months to ‘rewrite / port’ it across. So far so good.

Avatar Martin Administrator 7,696 post(s)