Release 6.2 (beta 21) (locked)

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Add the following Cydia repos:

Beta 21 – released on 4 April contains:

Fixed a number of crashes sent to us (thanks for those users who made that effort).

Am going to send this one to BigBoss shortly….

Beta 20 – released on 2 April contains:

Bug fixes and fixed a number of crashes sent to us (thanks for those users who made that effort).

Beta 19 – released on 27 March contains:

Bug fixes.

Beta 18 – released on 20 March contains:

Bug fixes (QC and QR editing issues when using Delayed Sending, QC / QR KB rotation in lock screen and alarm timer “slide to stop alarms” text)

Beta 17 – released on 19 March contains:

Bug fixes.

Beta 16 – released on 15 March contains:

iOS 5.1 compliance.

Bug fixes.

Memory leaks fixed (still looking to see if there’s more).

Beta 15 – released on 13 March contains:

Fixed double notification sound issue.

Beta 14 – released on 12 March contains:

Trying out an idea to fix the lag (so took Beta 12 code and added something).

Orientation lock, see biteSMS, Settings, More Stuff.

Beta 13 – released on 12 March contains:

This is an exact copy of Beta 11, so only install this if you have the reported beta 12 lag issue.

The intent is to try and isolate which beta release introduced this lag issue, as we have nothing to go on and cannot reproduce it.

Beta 12 – released on 5 March contains:

Fixed QR / QC pull down previous messages lag.

Fixed a common crash with Quick Reply (yippee, it was v hard to find the memory corruption!)

More bug fixes….

Nearly there for a public release!

Beta 11 – released on 1 March contains:

Better iPad Quick Compose and Quick Reply support.

More bug fixes….

Beta 10 – released on 22 February contains:

If using banner roll notifications, then if pressed to launch Quick Reply, the banner roll will instantly complete.

For iMessage attachments, Quick Compose and Quick Reply now show them correctly in the pull down curtain.

More bug fixes.

Beta 9 – released on 21 February contains:

More bug fixes.

Added ability to specify a group message contact pic. Settings, More Stuff, Contact Pics

Beta 8 – released on 20 February contains:

Fixed biteSMS lag issue when scrolling in conversation list (got slower and slower).

Fixed Siri issue: backspace to Quick Compose ‘To’ setting interferes with dictation

Fixed Siri issue: landscape orientation for dictation in QC/QR

Fixed Siri issue: lock screen QC, dictation, hold phone to head, QC is dismissed because the screen is dimmed.

Fixed: When you swipe to delete a thread, the contact name and message text become offset to the right a few pixels. If there is a message that is unread, the unread marker overlaps the contact name.

Other minor bug fixes.

Beta 7 – released on 15 February contains:

Bug fix, [Copy to Clipboard] should only be there for existing convo’s (not New Message).

Toggle for opt in / opt out feature is now long hold.

Fixed message ‘bounce’ in group messages.

Quick Reply now does not auto-show when using camera app.

Fixed duplicate contacts issue, see

Fixed bug with status bar and viewing pics issue, see

Other UI and bug fixes, including some for Siri.

Beta 6 – released on 8 February contains:

NEW: Copy to Clipboard feature. Ever wanted to copy an entire conversation and then for example email a copy of it. It’s easy now using biteSMS, go into any conversation (tap the status bar to go to top of convo) then tap Copy to Clipboard].

Fixed dim when done bug for Quick Reply.

Fixed issue where smileys and unicode characters were not being correctly converted in QC / QR.

Fixed issue, where a smiley did not display correctly in the pull down previous messages view.

The keyboard no longer ‘hangs around’ after pressing the Send button in QC / QR.

Fixed auto-correct not working if pending when press the Send button in QC / QR.

Fixed bug when switching to Japanese / Chinese type keyboards where they were obscuring the QC / QR buttons.

Beta 5 – released on 1 February contains:

NEW: ‘Opt Out’ of a conversation feature. Ideal for spam text conversations, group messages or even keeping a ‘quiet’ conversation. Tapping a contact pic toggles notification alerts on / off.

NEW: Added some simple theme support. There is a file you can create and edit to specify the color of the QR and QC text fields. Only create the file and add details for fields you want to change.

The file is /Applications/ (this file is not there as we don’t want to overwrite it for each release). You need to create it for your own purposes. However there is a QR-theme.example for reference purposes).

After sending in QR you no longer see the Apple Alert appear for a few seconds – see

Bug and crash fixes.

Beta 4 – released on 27 January contains:

AT LAST….Added Camera and Photo icon in Quick Compose and Quick Reply. Easy to add pics now!

Fixed some bugs associated with iMessage Quick Compose and Quick Reply messages not appearing in conversations or not sending correctly.

Pressing status bar icon in Lock Screen will now populate the lock screen list when the Apple Settings > Notifications > Messages > View in Lock Screen setting is disabled.

You can now tap the status bar icon to dismiss the Notification Center.

General bug fixes.

For Release 6.2 beta 5 we are working on a simplified version of the old hide contacts. It’s not as complete but it should suffice as it’s hard going on the iOS 5 environment. It’ll also allow you to opt in / out of alerts for specific conversations. An example would be if your in a group conversation (and you are starting to feel somewhat spammed!) you can opt out of seeing alerts for that conversation. So in effect silence what comes in. This concept can then logically be used for a “secret conversation” alongside a passcode to the biteSMS app.

Beta 3 – released on 5 January contains:

We now honor the ‘Badge App Icon’ in Apple Settings > Notifications > Messages

Fixed bug where turning iMessage on / off freezes the phone.

Fixed crash when using compose new and long hold in text field, then tap bite icon.

Fixed crash if sending failed in Quick Compose.

We now ignore other notifications when tapping the biteSMS status bar icon in unlock mode, such that if 1 pending message we launch Quick Reply.

I am away on holidays for 2-weeks, so when I get back there will hopefully be TextFreek Integration completed and ability to insert multi-media in QC and QR (i.e. camera icon).

Beta 2 – released on 4 January contains:

Fixed bug that for iOS 4 users (so biteSMS 5.5) we were not honoring the hide contact feature in the Apple Messages app.

Fixed bug that impacted users using iPhonedelivery and Copic, whereby the notification ticks were displayed in the wrong location.

Fixed bug to SBSettings toggle that incorrectly disabled all notification sounds, not just biteSMS.

Tap status bar to bring up the Notification Center in unlock mode (or if only one pending message then launch QR).

Beta 1 – released on 20 December contains:

Fixed Bug where the biteSMS > Settings > Quick Reply > Open biteSMS app did not work correctly.

Fixed bug where deleting a message in QR did not delete the conversation thread if no other messages.

Avatar AlwynIsPat 1,111 post(s)

Merry Christmas to Bitesms Team!! Dude you guys are quick! Ain’t gonna take a holiday break?


Camera icon in Quick Compose and Quick Reply so you can attach multimedia.


Contact icon in Quick Compose and Quick Reply so you can attach contact details.

Avatar xaznwi3rd0 74 post(s)

I’m getting HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden when trying to update.
EDIT: Nevermind, I got it to update. Thanks!

Avatar Fred 88 post(s)

Merry Christmas biteSMS Team!!
Great Job…

I wish Santa (Martin) will bring back Hide Contacts and Textfreek Integration once again…. Ho! ho! ho! ho!!!!
Merry Christmas..

Avatar thanhnh091™ 898 post(s)

Yeah me too…!!!biteSMS always number one :)
In the meantime i’d like to wish everyone and also biteSMS Team a very Merry Christmas!

Avatar starstruck 8 post(s)

had no problems with the previous release… with this one, I’m constantly getting the blue dot next to texts (and iMessages) saying I have an unread message and I don’t.

Avatar Martin Administrator 7,720 post(s)

@starstruck nothing changed in that regard, but if you feel that’s the case, simply install the public version again.

Avatar Bullet1979 12 post(s)

Is there a fix for the issue where only a third of my contact pics show up? I have pictures set for all of my contacts but I get blank ’?’ pics for more than half of them when using BiteSMS.

Avatar Martin Administrator 7,720 post(s)

Never seen that issue before, sorry.

Avatar Sunil 60 post(s)

Google voice integration?

Avatar codester 11 post(s)

After I updated BiteSMS to this version my springboard crashes. Its weird how it does it too. It only crashes when I pull down the notification center not once…. but the second time it goes into safe mode. Checked crash reporter and it says the tertiary suspects are chatkit and maildataprovider…. so I uninstalled siri0us and bitesms as I installed those today and it still does it. Any clue?

Solved… for some reason the Favorite Contact widget is crashing all of a sudden now. Its removed and all better.

Avatar HarleyD 1 post

HUGE Lump of COAL in my stocking! Had I known hide contact was going to be gone I wouldn’t have upgraded. Severely bad judgement on whoever is running the show!

Avatar keithers 2 post(s)

does anyone know if this new version works with cydia’s copic that allows you to show the pics in the actual conversation?

Avatar alimild 1 post

hi martin
i’ve two probloms with bitesms on ios5.
1.when i forward a message in a conversation,bitesms jump out to springboard
2.if one message can’t send to destination,bitesms stuck in sending mode and it makes iphonedelivery unuseable till i reinstall it
Sry for my english :(

Avatar The Boomr 84 post(s)

Lol @HarleyD….

Avatar evolution83 9 post(s)

does anyone know if this new version works with cydia’s copic that allows you to show the pics in the actual conversation?

yes :)


Avatar mobileman 4 post(s)

Please give us some news about the “Hiden contact” feature, Martin

Avatar janhei77 4 post(s)

what about whatsapp compability :) possible ?

Avatar Fred 88 post(s)

same as @alimild, forward message crash at springboard but it does send the message

Avatar boruch 1 post

Martin can you do send a message to specific time to the minute and not as it is now every 5 minutes

Avatar the_mike 1 post

Please integrate TextFreek again asap :)

Avatar bjornvh 2 post(s)


I’m posting on the forums because since like 2 weeks, I’m getting my iPhone 4 (iOS 5.0) to randomly reboot into semi-tether mode.. This mostly happens when receiving an SMS or delivery report. I’m using iPhonedelivery and it used to work fine for over 2 months.

It happens only like 1-2 times a day, but it’s quite annoying when it happens when I’m away from home, since I’m tethered.

I uninstalled all cydia tweaks and apps that I installed in the last few weeks, but it still occurs. Mostly in the evening though, around 8 PM.

Is there anyone with the same problem?

Please help.

Avatar eightdown 34 post(s)

I’m sure it’s been noted but group chat quick reply on 6.2 don’t work. My quick replies don’t get sent. Have to open bitesms app up in order to reply

Avatar Dremoney 2 post(s)

I have been having trouble with my phone rebooting randomly to semitether since the update, so i have had to go back to 6.1 until a new update is made available

Avatar eightdown 34 post(s)

Just realized QR and QC don’t work at all. I thought I was being ignored by people. Turns out my texts aren’t being sent. :S never had this problem until the latest update (6.2)

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