Release 6.0 (beta 19) (locked)

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Avatar xCrims0nx 275 post(s)

Teasing us for so long :( you knew we were refreshing like mad!

Excited to test!

Edit: My phone refuses to boot after trying to perform the tethered boot via sn0wbreeze.. guess I have to restore heh. Maybe I can narrow down what went wrong..

Edit2: Not sure what went wrong, but it all works fine now :) (After restoring)

Avatar thanhnh091™ 900 post(s)

thanks @Martin & biteSMS Team :) you guys ROCK!!!

Avatar KingofKingz 141 post(s)

Nice, really nice! :)

i had a old version of the preference plist-file and there the passcode-lock was activated and it worked in the new version, although the settings said it is not yet implemented. :)

And just for info, if you do not perform a tethtered boot after installing and close the application, you will not be able to launch it again, unless you do the tethered boot. ;)

Avatar Ben T 130 post(s)

Would love to see a few screenshots if anyone has a chance :)!

Avatar eorlas 22 post(s)

Just loaded it up a few mins ago and quickly tested QC + QR. When you said animations were slow I was scared it would be absurdly slow, but it turns out they’re not so bad at all. For a beta release, this is really good. Obviously some functionality isn’t present in the rest of the app itself, but at least we have the main features to work with!

Hats off to you and your team Martin. I can’t wait to see what the updates will bring!

Avatar jats 47 post(s)

Screen Shots Please !!
Or Test Video !! If Possible !!

I wanna See How it looks Before Trying !! As Right now im not on iOS 5 Beta !!

Thanks in advance

Gr8 Work Martin & Team :)
+1 Always :)

Avatar thanhnh091™ 900 post(s)

@Ben T

See : New iOS 5 Quick Compose :)

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Avatar jats 47 post(s)

@thanhnh091 Wow !! Nice !! Thanks !! Please If possible Make A Video Or More Screen Shot !!

AweSome Work Martin !!
i Loved It :)

Can’t Wait For Public Release !!

Keep It Up :)

Avatar Heathen711 4 post(s)

“And just for info, if you do not perform a tethtered boot after installing and close the application, you will not be able to launch it again, unless you do the tethered boot. ;)”

Took me forever to realize it xD other then that it hits my needs perfectly

Avatar CrAkD 62 post(s)

Nice! Someone post a screen shot of quick reply.

Avatar Phlo 91 post(s)

Hey ! Great new look !

Is it normal that it’s distorded on 3G S ?

I didn’t have to boot tethered by the way, since the jailbreak is untethered on the old 3G S.

Avatar EKCI 12 post(s)

It’s great! Gratz and thanks! :)

First bug… I have enabled only 2 buttons in quick replay and:

What a wonderful day! Polish Apple Online Store and BiteSMS :D

Avatar artpena2323 5 post(s)

Anybody know how to change the icon. Went into Ifile and it looks different. Thanks Martin. BiteSms is the best. Missed it..

Avatar EKCI 12 post(s)

@artpena2323: I did it as always – copy four .png to biteSMS’ folder and rebot. Respring didn’t work for me.

Avatar artpena2323 5 post(s)

Thanks @EKCI

Avatar artpena2323 5 post(s)

@EKCI. I went into IFILE and didnt find all four .png. I saw 2 but not all 4. Any sugg?

Avatar Lita 1 post

Does the new beta release work on iPad as well? Or just iPhones? still looking for a message application for iPad besides Swirly

Avatar EKCI 12 post(s)

@artpena2323: just paste these files to biteSMS’ folder:

Avatar KingofKingz 141 post(s)

@EKCI thanks!! thought this could not be done…
but performing a reboot just for changing the icon is stupid, but i think we always have to perform a reboot, when an update will be released…

Avatar Stinja 2 post(s)

Thanks biteSMS! Prior pirate, just bought a license to show support. Keep up the great work :D

Avatar KingofKingz 141 post(s)

Nice update. It’s now possible to change the icons without having to reboot ;)

I’ve found a litte bug, if you have enabled the conversation picture, it ist sometimes soo small that you acnnot see it. but if you change between carrier and bie network by holding the send button, the pic suddenly appears.

Avatar Phlo 91 post(s)

Hello !

Like i said yesterday, the SD version of the QC window is glitchy, so i quickly made a new qc-shadow.png to temporarily fix it. I thought it may be useful for other 3GS owners, so i uploaded it ;)

Here is a Before/After example :

And here is the qc-shadow.png :

Its not perfect at all (especially in landscape mode, the shadow is cropped), but it’s better than the buggy one, waiting for biteSMS team to fix it properly ;)
Hope this helps !

Avatar usersean 10 post(s)


I just came here to ask about that, had to sign up just to thank you.

Cheers for the fix bro.


biteSMS is the reason I jailbreak. Keep up the amazing work, I’ve been waiting just for bite so I could test iOS 5 and I am VERY impressed. I thank you sir.

Avatar jats 47 post(s)

Can Any One Be Kind Enough To Make Video + Nice Screen Shots Of This Release !!

Please Thanks In Adv.

Avatar Nightfall 22 post(s)

Just wanted to say its crazy that this considered a beta. I’ve had it for over 24hrs now and this is an extremely stable release. Excellent work Martin. I can’t imagine how they’re gonna improve on this, it seems just as stable or even more so than previous releases. Best app on the iPhone

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