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Hi this is my first post. First of all thank you Martin for the awesome job with this tweak, it rocks. In my opinion we should have 2 different option for the messages delay, one for SMS and one for iMessage, or at least the ability to remove the delay in iMessage. The reasons I ask this are two:
- iMessage is way more like a “msn” chat then a conversation with SMS. Talking about SMS I use to send few long messages, instead of iMessage, in which I send tons of short messages. Because of this I don’t want the delay every time I send something, because when I send a lot of messages it becomes a problem.
- iMessages are free, SMS aren’t. If I make a mistake in iMessage I can send another message to fix my previous error and it’s free, so it’s not a problem. With SMS I prefer to have a sending delay and to fix my messages.

What do you think?

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Really? I thought it was used more to ensure you don’t send something inappropriate, which I would have thought is more likely with more use (like iMessage), anyone else?

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i use it as more of a filter for content, but wouldnt mind if it got changed so that there was two different options! I would just set them the same ;P

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Yes it’s used not to send inappropriate messages, but if I do it with iMessage I can fix it for free and I’m sure my contact will read the fixing, because we’re chatting at that moment. With SMS I’ve to pay if I missed the error and I often just send the message without reading it twice. If I miss the error in iMessage my contact will send me a “what?” in 5 seconds, if I do it with SMS it could take him hours to read my message and I’m not even sure I’ll be reading his next message right when he sends it, which leads to misunderstanding.

PS: sorry for my errors, I’m Italian.