Option to turn off BiteSMS icon in context menu

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Avatar Mazzle 8 post(s)

For those of us who run other tweaks that add things to the cut/paste context menu, it would be nice if we had an option to turn off the little icon that BiteSMS adds. Some of us don’t ever use that, and it’s preventing us from getting access to other tweaks that we do use more frequently.

Avatar Martin Administrator 7,696 post(s)

You mean the Quick List Icon, you can turn that off already.

Avatar Mazzle 8 post(s)

I’m not sure what you mean by the Quick List Icon, but I’m talking about the pink BiteSMS icon you get in the context menu when you double tap a word or empty space in a text entry field; it’s immediately to the right of the “Paste” or “Replace” command, depending on whether a word is selected when you double tap. When you click it, you get a list of things you can insert like emoticons, pictures, templates, etc.

If that is indeed what you are talking about, how do you turn it off? I looked all over the settings and saw no setting of that sort. The only thing I saw about Quick List was whether it should be ordered most recent first, which seems to indicate an entirely different type of list than the one I’m talking about.