Change bubble colors/background

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Avatar celtickuja 16 post(s)

I’d love an easy way to change the color of the bubbles in conversation view. Just a simple color picker for each sent and received.
Also, I’d love to see a way to add a background image behind the conversation view as well.

Avatar bengtc 8 post(s)

I would love to see this feature too! I really don’t want to ssh and change image files on my iPhone, if biteSMS could implement a color picker for the bubbles and just have an image background selectable from camera roll that would be icing on the cake for this APP!!

Avatar Ectoplasm 1 post

+1 Sounds like a good feature to me

Avatar dephmoose 10 post(s)

Yes Please! I would love to have both these features available! To have something else besides the standard green and grey is a welcome customization.

Avatar windgodman 1 post

We really need this feature in bitesms.
Too simple now it looks…

Avatar geo90 41 post(s)

You can add this feature as it is in iChat! Simply choose the color you want for the sender and the receipient! It would be very nice!!

Avatar mreakus 238 post(s)

I feel as though jailbreaking allows the user to customize enough. This would just be repetitive. Just grab themes and change the chat bubbles (or learn how to open an image in PS, and simply adjust the coloring).