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IOS 4.1 - Now it's official...

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Avatar UmbeXXX 3 post(s)

I have a 3gs (old iboot) ios 4.1 (official) pwned with a modified version of pwnage tool.

BiteSMS does NOT work.

Now ios 4.1 is out and I know that only few people have jailbroken it… but…
if official JB is coming.. why don’t you fix it by now? Do you need some help?

Thank you

Avatar flippyfloppy 29 post(s)

Because you don’t have an officially jailbroken 4.1 and no dev is going to develop an app until that is available?

Avatar kiaschu 2 post(s)

3g too.. ios4.1 (official)

biteSMS 4.99 and 5 beta 4 exit when I click on the icon.

Avatar Sixten 6 post(s)

Also jailbroken iOS 4.1 on 3G. The application does not work… Hope an update will be out really soon…

Avatar PouPoui 3 post(s)

Same here, ios 4.1 (custom), same exit after loading screen…

Avatar Kikloo 1 post


I have iPhone 3G with iOS 4.1, JB, UnLocked and biteSMS does’nt works. It opens and then closes. Any solutions ?


Avatar SlasherKG 38 post(s)

Is it so hard for you to understand that even though you have a Jailbroken 4.1 it’s still not “Official” and you are running something someone has cobbled together? Wait for official Jailbreaks, as often these hacked together versions are missing important filesystem/kernel patches. It is more likely that this is what is causing the program to crash.

Avatar kbotc 4 post(s)

Oh geez, there is no such thing as an “official” jailbreak. Everything is put out by volunteers. Was blackra1n not official enough for you because the “official iphone dev-team” didn’t put that out? People have a legitimate question, “When will the app I paid for support the new OS?”

Now for being constructive:

BiteSMS is making a call to -[UIButton senderTypeChanged:], which is not implemented

Stack trace reveals it’s coming in

-[NSObject(NSObject) doesNotRecognizeSelector:] + 102\n
3 CoreFoundation 0×344541d9 forwarding + 508\n
4 CoreFoundation 0×34453f90 _CF_forwarding_prep_0 + 48\n
5 biteSMS 0×00019fb5 _BSMessageEntryView_initWithFrame + 56\n
6 ChatKit 0×30ced221 -[CKTranscriptController inputAccessoryView] + 132\n
7 ChatKit 0×30ce877f -[CKTranscriptController loadView] + 438\n 8 biteSMS 0×0001f4ad _BSTranscriptController_loadView + 12\n
9 UIKit 0×31b377db -[UIViewController view] + 30\n 10 ChatKit 0×30cec7dd -[CKTranscriptController _resetTranscriptInsets] + 48\n
11 ChatKit 0×30ce84c5 -[CKTranscriptController reload:] + 184\n
12 ChatKit 0×30ce4b0b -[CKTranscriptController reset] + 38\n
13 biteSMS 0×000035e5 -[BiteApp applicationDidBecomeActive:] + 128\n
14 UIKit 0×31b257f5 -[UIApplication _setActivated:] + 80\n 15 UIKit 0×31ad0a09 -[UIApplication _runWithURL:payload:launchOrientation:statusBarStyle:statusBarHidden:] + 240\n
16 UIKit 0×31b29fdd -[UIApplication handleEvent:withNewEvent:] + 1396\n
17 UIKit 0×31b29901 -[UIApplication sendEvent:] + 44\n 18 UIKit 0×31b29337 _UIApplicationHandleEvent + 5110\n
19 GraphicsServices 0×3026c04b PurpleEventCallback + 666\n 20 CoreFoundation 0×3443fce3 CFRUNLOOP_IS_CALLING_OUT_TO_A_SOURCE1_PERFORM_FUNCTION + 26\n
21 CoreFoundation 0×3443fca7 __CFRunLoopDoSource1 + 166\n
22 CoreFoundation 0×3443256d __CFRunLoopRun + 520\n 23 CoreFoundation 0×34432277 CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 230\n
24 CoreFoundation 0×3443217f CFRunLoopRunInMode + 58\n
25 UIKit 0×31ad0103 -[UIApplication _run] + 370\n 26 UIKit 0×31ace12f UIApplicationMain + 670\n
27 biteSMS 0×0000348f main + 1214\n 28 biteSMS 0×00002f98 start + 52\n)

Avatar MADMAX234 3 post(s)

I think now it’s time for an update for bitesms

the official jailbreak …....

Avatar zuk 7 post(s)

Just jaulbreaked my 3G right now with redsnow and discovered that bitesms doesn’t work :-(

Avatar alunatic 6 post(s)

Whats the point of working on supporting it when only older devices are able to be JB’ed which is in beta still & only Mac OS for now ?

This BETA release supports:

iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G only (for now)

Mac OS X x86 only (for now)

4.1 or 4.0 firmware from Apple

Avatar kbotc 4 post(s)

Because there are users (and therefore money) on older devices on Mac OS. It’s not like ignoring 4.1 will make it go away; The frameworks were changed by Apple, not the jailbreakers, so eventually they’ll have to do the legwork to make BiteSMS work on 4.1. Should BiteSMS just wait until the 4.1 jailbreak goes live before they start testing their software, or are you going to want BiteSMS to support 4.1 the day that you can upgrade your phone?

Avatar alunatic 6 post(s)

Thats the price you pay for been an early adopter you will have to wait for almost all apps to support a new iOS that is not jailbreak-able on all devices with a stable release jailbreak.

Avatar UmbeXXX 3 post(s)

I only know that 2 weeks ago “activator” didn’t work anymore on my 3gs 4.1 jb.
I asked to Ryan Petrich and the day after I had a new beta version to test with all cydia app that need it.
Now anyone has new 4.1 compatible version of “activator”.

I asked the same thing to bitesms. After 2 weeks and 3 new beta versions (now 5b5), my request has not been taken into consideration….

Thank you

Avatar Smoothcreak 1 post

UmbeXXX you had a good question. Everyone that keeps posting that because it’s not an “Official” jailbreak obviously don’t know that developers and people that want the betas of new firmware can get them so that they can start updating their App so it is ready when the firmware is out for “Official” download and install. Regardless of what jailbreak is out and for what phone they have betas of firmwares so you can start updating. I agree with you on why isn’t there an update out for 4.1. There is an option to buy BiteSms or see Ads, thus they make money and by making money they can keep updating. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thank you to all the people that make BiteSms and do their best to update. Hopefully it will be ready soon.

Avatar MADMAX234 3 post(s)

sn0wbreeze 2 is out now
is this now official enough for an update of biteSMS ??
Devices Supported:

  • iPhone 2G
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3G[S] (old bootrom)
  • iPod Touch 1G
  • iPod Touch 2G – non MC

I think now its the time….

Avatar Martin Administrator 7,696 post(s)

We are looking at this now…

Avatar MADMAX234 3 post(s)

thx Martin

Avatar Martin Administrator 7,696 post(s)

Hopefully be ready on Monday.

Avatar Sixten 6 post(s)

Thanx Martin! :-)

Avatar mikero1219 3 post(s)

Thanks Martin!

Avatar kbotc 4 post(s)

The beta works wonderfully for me.

Thank you tons!

Avatar Martin Administrator 7,696 post(s)

No worries guys.

Avatar lilfellabob 4 post(s)

Where can I get this beta that works on 4.1?

Avatar padmavyuha 155 post(s)

lilfellabob, it’s in the Releases section at – follow the instructions at the top of the thread.

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