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How do you delete Bitesms

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Avatar distinct 1 post

I need delete & reinstall but I have no idea how to delete it.

I’ve searched thru 10 pages on the forums to see if anybody asked this but I guess I’m the only
retard :)


Avatar Ram 1,981 post(s)

Its easy: Cydia > Manage > Packages > biteSMS > Modify > Remove / Reinstall.

That’s also how you delete or reinstall any other Cydia package.

Avatar max73 1 post

Some question but big problem:

during install BiteSMS is finisched my battery and turn-off my 3G:
at restart:
- I’ve try to remove the program, but is impossible (none Message, but nothing on my phone)
- I’ve Respring the system, I’ve Cydelete and I’ve canceled the icon of BiteSMS

but now Cydia doesn’t start
- With DISKAID I’ve tried to cancel some folder about BiteSMS but nothing and now
- I receive message with BiteSMS
- I’ve not the icon of BiteSMS
- I’ve not Cydia

Please tell me which files I must cancel for remove the application

Avatar Martin Administrator 7,696 post(s)

That’s a very annoying Cydia issue, happens to me all the time. Search on Google, basically there’s a Cydia log with a command you need to run embedded in the log. It’s nothing to do with biteSMS!

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