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Problem to uninstall biteSMS!!!

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Avatar djscream 1 post

Hi, I’ve istalled bitesms just to test it.

To uninstall it i was in “installer” > “categories” > “installed packages” and selcted bitesms and clicked on uninstall, after that my iphone restarted.

RThe problem i have is that i can still see the icon of bitesms on my iphone’s desktop.. even in cydia i can’t remove it.

For cydia and installer, there is no bitesms installed now. but the icon is still here!!

How to do to remove this icon???

Avatar dennis9920 9 post(s)

This is not a bug in biteSMS.

So i don`t understand why you ask it here?
You can better ask it on ripdev forums.

But if you want to remove the icon just ssh into your phone en remove the file in the applications folder.

Avatar Marcel Administrator 143 post(s)

Our understanding is that the Installer is still quite buggy. Until just a few days ago you couldn’t even uninstall?

Dennis9920’s suggestion is the best way to go. Or, alternatively, install biteSMS using Cydia and then uninstall it. That should work.

Avatar netuser 95 post(s)

I dont even understand why people use installer which hell of bug, at teh other side there is Cydia, Very nice, simple and stable

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